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Radio Gamkaland is in the heart of the Central Karoo. We are a community radio station which shows very good growth in the last few years. With about 100000 listeners, Radio Gamkaland is indeed a good medium to reach the people of the Central Karoo.

Our goal is to empower, educate & motivate. It does of course make us a station that people want to listen to. Radio Gamkaland is broadcasting from the Thusong Centre in Beaufort West and our frequency is 87.6fm. The station broadcasts within a radius of 200km and we are also available through the Internet's ‘Live Streaming’ namely: gamkafm.ndstream.net. We can also be contacted via our Facebook pages: 87.6 Gamka Land Fm as well as The Official Radio Gamkaland page.

Our target market is adults, youth, disabled and children. The programs are scheduled so that it serves the broader community. The music genres we play include Religious Music, Jazz, Dance Music, R & B, Afrikaans music, etc.

There are four full-time staff, namely. Station Manager, Technical Assistant , Programs Manager and Administrative Assistant. In addition, are there  more than 20 volunteer presenters offering regular programs.

The funding for the radio station is mainly sourced through the Government Communication and Information Service (GCIS), as well as through regular advertising from businesses and people from the community. There are also regular sponsorships acquired by the station.